Sunday, 14 June 2009

Restricting the number of languages

How do you correctly restrict the number of languages supported by the DV site? I tried configuring the locales belonging to the Locale Selector portlet, but this doesn't limit the number of displayed flags.

The answer was quite simple, but ferreted away in the bowels of Jetspeed. In the j2-admin application (of which Locale Selector is but a part) you look in the WEB-INF directory for the classes folder. In there under org/apache/jetspeed/portlets/localeselector/resources there's a file Edit out the values in localeselector.locales that you don't want. I think that's all, but for good measure I also edited out the unwanted locale names. Ditto for the other files for the other locales in the same directory. Again this is probably redundant. Then you have to quit Tomcat. I deleted /work/Catalina for good measure (the Tomcat cache) and restarted Tomcat and the unwanted locale flags were gone. Hooray!

Why can't they just tell you this?

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