Saturday, 24 December 2011

Installing couchdb on Mac OSX

Installing couchdb on Linux is a breeze. At least with the Debian package manager. But on OSX, where I was stuck over the Christmas break, installation is a pain. Of course if you believe the hype homebrew will save us. All you have to do is install it and type: brew install couchdb. Except that, it doesn't work. Packages have to be maintained, and unless the homebrew authors do all that work, their packeges will soon break. So I had to do it myself. This is the formula on 64 bit systems:

  1. Download the latest Erlang source. Configure with --enable-darwin-64bit . Otherwise it compiles in 32 bit and it won't work with the other components, especially icu. Then make, make install as usual.
  2. Download and install ICU (configure, make, make install)
  3. Download and install couchdb. Configure, make, make install. And it all should work.

Now that Apple's great leader has passed on maybe someone in charge will see that a proper package manager would be a good idea for OSX.

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