Saturday, 21 May 2011

Formatter inside PHP

The formatter is a program to replace XSLT, but it uses our standoff markup solution called CorTex/CorCode. At the moment the CorCodeDemo calls formatter on the command line as an external script. But it struck me that because it replaces XSLT it ought to be called the same way that XSTL is - within the PHP daemon as a PHP extension. That way we won't get the hit of inefficiency by running it as a commandline tool. Instead it will just be available, once installed, for any HRIT-modules we design. I don't yet know how to do it, but since everything is open-source it should be easy.

Another refinement is the reuse of MvdCore, a Joomla! component I wrote to facilitate writing a robust set of Joomla! plugins for the MVD-GUI. But since it doesn't refer to Joomla!, except in order to exist as a module, I thought I would use it as a basis for every HRIT module, as a kind of framework library. That way, writing new modules should be dead easy and they will automatically work in every browser. Now that's cool.

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