Monday, 24 August 2009

Some Big changes are Afoot

OK, I've been quiet about this for a bit. But I had other things to do, like attending the Balisage Conference. In the meantime I've had a rethink. I have realised how poorly written Jetspeed is. To create your own Jetspeed website you have to modify an existing website. Yuck. It should just be a product that you ADD things to, like webapps or portlets. Drop them in and away you go. Instead there is all this tinkering with the internals of a complex progam.

So I am returning to Pluto. It's very simple a cleaner. OK, there's no so many features but I can add those. Also, I have decied to use JSPs to define the portlets. I can rewrite the servlet code I have for Alpha and fit it very nicely into Pluto. And the best thing is Pluto is tiny - just 20MB. That sure beats over 200MB for Jetspeed, and that was small.

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